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Twink WoW - A low-level character made more powerful by higher-level characters, usually through gifts of armor and weapons that the character would not normally have at such low level. Also used as a verb to describe the act of giving low-level characters powerful items uncommon at their level. A typical twink, armed with heirloom sword and shoulders. Notice, though, no weapon enchants. Twinks are below level cap player characters who have gained powerful and uncommon gear for their level in their equipment slots. Twinking is common in MMORPGs , including World of Warcraft , though many mechanisms are in place that limit a player 's ability to equip a character with gear beyond its level. Blizzard made it clear with the Wrath of the Lich King expansion that they support players who twink by providing for their shutting off experience gain.
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Twinking is one of the purest and best things you can do in WoW. I am not personally interested in the 19 bracket because there not enough class abilities leading to 3 or 4 classes just dominating the bracket in a very dull way. I can see how that would work, Hunter pre 33 or so is way too strong VS other classes; they have nothing to fight back with. I used to enjoy my 19 priest during TBC and wrath.
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