TUSHY Gorgeous Kelly Collins in her exclusive anal debut

Although sex is strongly associated with the penis and vigia, anal sex is something most people love. Are you looking to try out something like that after watching TUSHY Gorgeous Kelly Collins in her exclusive anal debut? Here is an article for you.

Ensure it is not hurting 

Providing you approach anal sex with caution and care, it shouldn’t cause any harm. A lubricant is essential when having anal sex. In addition to reducing tissue tears, preparing the anus, and aiding relaxation, this anal sex essential also increases sensitivity. As opposed to the vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate, so lubrication is essential. Anal sex can also be prepared by engaging in foreplay such as fingering and rimming. It is important to stop anal sex if it becomes painful.

Try orgasm for penetration

Anal sex alone is not the only way to achieve orgasm. There are some men and women who can orgasm without having genital stimulation in conjunction with anal stimulation. As a result of prostate stimulation, men often orgasm. The Anal is a great time to use sex toys to intensify pleasure and enhance the experience. Anus openings have many nerve endings, making them highly sensitive. The likelihood of anal orgasms is higher when other areas are stimulated simultaneously.

TUSHY Gorgeous Kelly Collins in her exclusive anal debut

Be calm 

Make sure you are both ready to try anal before you jump in. Enjoy foreplay and find out what both of you like. In porn films, it’s easy to expect anal to be fast and hard, but this is not the case. Have fun with it without putting yourself under too much pressure. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work for you. It doesn’t mean you won’t feel fulfilled in bed if it doesn’t work for you TUSHY Gorgeous Kelly Collins in her exclusive anal debut.

Use lobes 

You should start slow, experiment with fingering, and use plenty of lubrication. Don’t use a condom if your anal becomes painful, and be sure to stop if it gets too painful. The wrong way to have sex or too much intensity could cause damage. To avoid pain and discomfort, it is crucial to use plenty of lubrication around the anus.

With this information, have happy and healthy anal sex!

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